The Writer Brendan

Introductory Post -
Reasons for switching to NeoCities

I originally designed my website for Wix, yet, as we may all know, that Wix, Is, by it's nature very slow☹.

Of course, this is not what I wanted, but I have actually come quite attracted to the potential that I have, and the skills that I have, in order to design and develop a website and utilise the skills I learned at college: There would be no other reason for using them. Of course, by also using NeoCities, I am utilising a platform to freely advertise my written work without the need to [pay] for a platform. Of course, NeoCities provides virtually no resources for the burgeoning author; and therefore, you must have an inkling of HTML and CSS to use it. [Thankfully] I do.

Ergo, I am capable of easily making this website. I can post my manuscripts, firstly, as a means for people to read my work, and as a means of creating a [digital] back up. I can also use this specific webpage, to post updates-but I will not always use this page.

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